[A mistake on the bed makes sex fun great]

Watching movies in the warm quilt and surfing the Internet is really a pleasant thing, but have you noticed that when you focus on the computer screen, your partner’s “sexual interest” will be greatly discounted, and even angry.

Due to Internet addiction, their activity in sexual life has weakened. According to a survey of 2000 British people, 50% of people use the Internet for at least an hour and a half after going to bed each night, thus spending sex and sleepingtime.

Fifteen percent of those surveyed said they were less active in sex because of Internet addiction.

Especially young people’s sexual life is hindered.

Of the top under 30, 67% are addicted to social networks.

In marriage life, two people need to communicate frequently, talk about each other’s hobbies or ideas, and also need intimate interaction-hug, kiss, to promote each other’s feelings.

However, the use of electronic products, such as mobile phones, audio and video players, and notebooks, in bed can even reduce sexual desire, and may also be the cause of tension between husband and wife.