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As a kind of ingredient, Maodu is a dish that most people choose when eating hot pot.

It takes only a moment to put the hairy belly in the hot pot.

There are many other methods besides Maodu. Dry pot Maodu is a very delicious dish. In the process of making hot pot Maodu, many ingredients need to be added, so that the resulting Maodu is more delicious.
The following teaches you the specific method of dry pot.

Ingredients for hot and sour hot pot hot pot: the right amount of cooked hot pot, celery, the right amount of radish, 2 sour pickles, 5-8 ginger, sour, peppercornsSpicy hot pot hairy belly delicious[preparation]1, hairy belly slice 2, celery cut 3, sour radish slice (home-made pickled radish is sour, so the slice is small) 4, sour pepper cut into sections (notIf it ‘s too spicy, just cut 1-2 pieces, and put the rest) 5. Ginger slices and whole garlic are fine.

Handful of dried peppercorns, depending on personal taste.

Spread celery leaves at the bottom of the pot.

Heat up the oil in the pan and add more oil.

After the oil is hot, add ginger and garlic in sequence, and then add peppercorns after frying.

Put in the belly and stir fry for about 2-3 minutes.

Push the hairy belly aside, add an appropriate amount of old soy sauce (raw soy sauce is also possible), and after the pot is no longer sizzling, stir-fry the hairy belly and evenly color it.

Add sour radish and pickled peppers.

Stir fry until there is no moisture, the hot and sour taste will slowly come out and be absorbed by the hairy belly.

As a final step, add celery and stir fry.

The celery is fresh, so don’t fry for too long.


Turn the induction cooker to a small fire for insulation.

Heart Eater Tips: First,[Give more oil]The oil will be absorbed during frying to avoid sticking to the pan during frying.

Second,[without adding salt]The sour radishes in the house have salt in them, plus soy sauce, so the salt is enough.

Salty weight.

Third,[the water in the pickled radish must be fried]This determines the final taste. Three,[what to do if there is no oil in the pot after boiling]Add 30-50ml boiling water and boiling water.

If you do not need to turn the induction cooker to keep warm after boiling, you can add water.