Do you know that pork can also beautified?

[Introduction]Chinese food culture is vast and profound.

Some seemingly ordinary plants and animals can be used to prevent and cure diseases through reasonable combination. Traditional medicine for these foods is called medicated diet.

  After the use of these medicines, not only can the energy exert the characteristics of the medicine, but also avoid the substitution caused by the medicine. Some foods can not only treat diseases and prevent diseases, but also take a cosmetic effect.

  The same kind of medicated diet has different effects for different people, so if you want to make good use of medicated diet, you should have a good understanding of your physical fitness, and rational use of medicated diet can achieve the effects of health and healing and beauty.

  Edible medicated food is one of the unique cosmetic methods of Chinese medicine. As early as the Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing was very good at using some animal and plant prescriptions for cosmetic treatment.

He recorded many recipes that can cure disease and beautify in “A Brief of Golden Deficiency”, such as Licorice Wheat Jujube Soup, Angelica Ginger Lamb Soup, Pig Skin Soup and so on.

These prescriptions reflect Zhang Zhongjing’s view of using medicine and food homology.

  Pig skin soup is a very important prescription in Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile Diseases. In Zhang Zhongjing’s clinical practice, this prescription is a treatment for symptoms of soreness, sore throat, and upset chest.Boil, to achieve the purpose of retreating deficiency heat, strengthening the spleen and stomach, relieving irritability and removing annoyance, and clearing heat, this recipe is an important recipe in the 112 recipes of Treatise on Febrile Disease.

  The whole body of a pig is a treasure, and the use of pig organs and medicinal materials for treatment and beauty is often used in many Chinese medical prescriptions.

According to experts, pigskin and trotters are rich in proteins, mainly collagen and elastin. Eating pigskin and trotters for beauty is a good choice for beauty, because it is not only economical, simple to make, but alsoThe cosmetic effect is also obvious, so it is very popular.

  Within the scope of our beauty, traditional Chinese medicine often uses some essences of blood, not grass root bark, but animal skin and fat to achieve the purpose of beauty. For example, the gelatin, trotters, and pig skin we often use have beautyThe role of its beauty is to nourish the yin and nourish the blood, nourish the skin, and improve the skin’s environment, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty. These ancient recipes in ancient Chinese palaces are stored in large quantities, and these recipesSo far, it has been widely used by our Chinese medicine practitioners.

  Beauty with pigskin and trotters has been in China for thousands of years. Zhang Zhongjing recorded in “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” that pigskin and trotters have the effect of “harmonizing blood, moisturizing, and beautifying.”It is also suggested that women who love beauty can eat more pigskin and trotters. It seems that pork is the best product for beauty.