The surrounding environment is full of health sites

Health is a health concept.

A way of life that integrates with our daily lives and work, and does not exist independently.

Wellness methods are extremely rich and can be described everywhere.

Professor Li Qizhong, an expert on basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, will write a series of articles, covering environment, spirit, daily life, intercourse, entertainment, sports, diet and nursing.

Hope to contribute to the health and longevity of readers and friends!

  The ancient health experts took the overall concept as the guiding ideology, and corrected the close relationship between humans and the natural environment.Heat, wetness, dryness, and fire six sexes are regarded as the “external cause” of the disease, suggesting that the internal cause plays a leading role at the same time.

It is also worth paying attention to the important role of external factors.

  The classic ancient Chinese book “Huang Di Nei Jing” states: “People and heaven and earth are related, as well as the sun and the moon.

“People live between heaven and earth, and within time and space, the physical and mental activities are triggered by the natural and social environment. Scientific health must put people in the environment, improve it, and consider it.

  Seasons change, day and night change, regions are high, water quality soil and minerals, conversion greening, home furnishings, and even social and social, living conditions, interpersonal factors, etc. affect physical health, which is good for health, vice versa is harmful to health, please be carefulTune to.

  The natural environment takes seasonal change as an example, and the effects of climate change on human health at four o’clock in nature.

Spring is warm in summer and autumn is cold in winter.

There is absolutely a limit, neither too much nor too much.

If the human body can adapt to this change.

More healthy and disease-free.

However, if the climate changes abnormally, or the human body cannot adjust accordingly with the change of the season, it can cause physical discomfort and even disease.

This requires us to make timely physiological adjustments based on different seasonal characteristics.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” has a monograph on “Four Seasons Adjusting God”, as pointed out in the theory: “Spring and March, lying up early at night.

Wide walk in the court, slow-moving hair, so that Zhisheng . This spring qi should also be the way to keep healthy.

“It means living in the spring, and you should get up late and get up early.

In the morning, she spread her long hair, soothed her body, and walked in the hospital.

Bathe in spring light, make your body feel comfortable, and respond to the spring hair.

Another example is March in winter, “Eat in the morning and wake up in the evening, you must wait for the sun, go to the cold and warm, without venting the skin, so that Qi is not lost, this winter qi should also be the way to cultivate.”

It means that it is best to go to bed early in the winter and stay up late in the winter. You must be active after sunrise to avoid disturbing the yang.

Still need to protect from cold and warm, protect the sun and solid, in order to meet the winter closed gas.

  Today, due to the rapid development of modern industry, the living environment of human beings has been affected and destroyed by various harmful factors, and it has become no longer natural and no longer ecological.

Facing such a living environment.

Health-care activities should also be beneficial to avoid harm, and the protection of air, water quality, soil, transformation, etc., is actually to contribute to creating a good group health environment.

What we can do to protect the environment, in daily life, do not place garbage, spit, smoke, or make noise.

  Social environment The impact of social environment on human health is self-evident, a harmonious social environment, harmonious interpersonal relationships, and comfortable job positions.

Harmonious family morals are beneficial to human physical health.

On the contrary, it is harmful to physical health.

There are countless positive and negative examples in this regard.