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Spend 200 or 2000?
Beauty editor teaches you to choose skin care products

For skin care products, it is everyone’s own decision whether to spend 200 yuan or 2,000 yuan for skin care.
2000 yuan may not be able to create perfect ceramic skin, and 200 yuan may not be able to become a tender beauty.
The beauty of any beauty product is not the price, but the suitability.
So, if you have some beauty editor friends, you will find that her dressing table is not only a big-name world, but a surprising MIX mix and match world that combines two types of skincare products, affordable and luxurious.
  Basic skin care products may be “affordable”. Basic cleansing and toning is a cleansing process, as long as it can give you a clean and not tight face. If you are not mature and aging skin, you can use cheap goods.
Therefore, in cheap products, cleansing, toning, and makeup removers are usually more popular, because these products do not need to contain too complicated ingredients and technological elements, but only need to be mild in texture and comfortable to use, and those that are cheap,Cleansing makeup removers and lotions that are clean and non-irritating can be purchased as single items.
  The brand and background of the product are important. Although not necessarily famous, the family background of skin care products is also a condition to be considered.
If it is written by L’ORéAL, LVMH, Weiming Xuan, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Kanebo Kanebo, Kose Kose, P & G Procter & Gamble, United Liberty, like these global well-known makeup groups launchedProducts, from research and development to quality control, are reassuring.
Therefore, those cheap brands that share the same door with the luxury line are more guaranteed.
  这些产品其实全部属于欧莱雅集团哦  平价也奢华的二线品牌  事实上某些二线护肤品牌往往是大型化妆品集团下的合资品牌,或是定位年轻肌肤、不同消费人群的产品线,价格虽低却也能Sharing skincare technology and patents from first-tier brands is a luxury item at a fair price, and it is also the focus of our investment.
  值得投资的昂贵单品  推荐你不妨把钱花在刀口上,像是一些奢侈品牌主打的具有紧实抗老或预防老化的眼霜、面霜、精华,是你最值得投资的产品,它们技术含量高, The concentration is large, the effect on the skin is by no means comparable to ordinary cheap skin care products.
And if a bottle of luxury skin care products is priced at 3,000 yuan, it can be used for at least 3 months, about 1,000 yuan per month. In fact, as long as you spend about 30 yuan a day, you can have a natural uniform-perfect skin.
  All-purpose mix and match of luxury skin care products There is also a category of luxury skin care products worth investing heavily in, which can be mixed and matched with other products.
For example, Sisley all-round emulsion, not only ranked in the TOP10 list of shopping mall sales, the main reason is that its unique compatibility makes it a diamond partner with other products.
This well-permeable all-day care lotion can provide complete basic skin care, including moisturizing, firming, anti-pollution, promoting the skin’s metabolic cycle, strengthening the natural defense system, and maintaining skin vitality and health.
And, the product can be mixed with almost any product, and the use of other products is significantly enhanced.
  Don’t ignore the role of psychological hints. When you buy an expensive sky cream, you feel extremely cherished and extremely happy, and you can use it carefully, tenderly, and properly, and it really has the effect of skin care.
  If you buy only supermarket goods, I always feel that it is easy to apply it, and I don’t want to have any magical effect. Natural “psychological cues” will not work, so don’t underestimate the role of psychological cues. PleaseWith a meticulous and pleasant attitude to use every bottle of your skin care products, treat your skin gently and patiently.
  Irreplaceable “special” brands However, don’t forget that there is a special type of skin care products that can be bought in pharmacies in addition to department stores, such as VICHY, LRP La Roche-Posay.
In addition to their general skin care functions, they can also play a good role in treating early skin diseases. The most important thing is that sensitive skin can be used safely without causing extra burden on the skin.
This is what we usually call a cosmeceutical brand.
  In addition, due to the different positioning and sales channels of some brands, such as Shiseido’s more cost-effective urara brand, which is only sold in second-tier city malls; the well-known Mary Kay is also difficult to find in malls .